Somera Avenue Residence24 photos
Located high in hills of Bel Air the original design for this home was a non-descript 1970’s two story stucco home with an asphalt shingle roof. The home owner’s initial intent was to maximize the million-dollar view by replacing existing windows/doors and reconfiguring the undersized kitchen/dining area. Through a close collaboration with DA+D it was decided to unlock the home’s full potential by giving it a complete makeover transforming the unassuming bungalow style house into a Tuscan villa. The once enclosed kitchen now opens to take advantage of the hillside view along with a new entry courtyard, dining area, living room, master bedroom suite, entry foyer, and auxiliary bedrooms. Program: Renovation to a single-family residence, 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath Size: 3247 S.F. Location: Bel Air, CA Project Team: DA+D (Architectural of Record/Designer) Photographs: Hugo Will