Kenyon Avenue Residence21 photos
This ground-up new home construction is located on a 40’x130’ flat lot with a detached garage. The project was built on a strong dedication to a green building philosophy. Solar panels, passive cooling design, recycled building materials, and environmentally friendly building practices were all integrated into the process. In addition to green building there were efforts made to ensure a “healthy” home by reducing the use of toxic building materials, mitigating mold formation, as well as properly sealing the building shell and all wall penetrations. As with many projects this job was executed on a limited budget. Program: New construction of a single-family residence, 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, converted detached garage/living unit, environmental emphasis Size: 2125 S.F. Location: Venice, CA Project Team: DA+D (Architectural of Record/Designer) Photographs: Barry Schwartz