In June of 2009, the California Public Utilities Commission adopted an initiative that requires utility companies to procure 250 MW of photovoltaic energy from independent power producers. As a result of this initiative DA+D was approached by the client in order to assist in the planning and development of a generating facility on a privately owned 42 acre parcel located in the desert area east of Palmdale. The objective for this project is to maximize the total generating capacity of the property with the intent of producing a profit by selling power to the utility company. In order to execute such a large scale utility project one must navigate the city and government agencies as well as conform to the strict demands of the utility company. This includes analyzing the capacity of the adjacent transmission lines, price negotiation, zoning permits, soil and civil reports, as well as environmental and cultural impacts. Once complete this facility will have the capability of generating a maximum 10 MW of power with an expected 5 year return on the initial investment.

  • Program: Development of Ten Megawatt Ground Mounted Solar Photovoltaic Facility
  • Size: 42 Acres
  • Location: Palmdale, CA
  • Completion Date: Under Development
  • Project Team: DA+D (Architect of Record)
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